Diary of an Uber Driver
July 22, 2019
Fake of Fortune
Fake of Fortune
July 22, 2019

Can the tide be turned on this global catastrophe? With millions of tonnes of plastic entering the sea every year, there is now global attention on the problem of marine plastic pollution. But do we really understand the impact of this new environmental crisis? How exactly does the plastic we use get into the ocean and what happens to it when it gets there? And can anything be done to save our seas? In this timely special, science and wildlife presenter Liz Bonnin sets out to reveal the full scale of the world’s plastic problem – from the planet’s ‘plastic hot spots’ to the animals struggling to cope with a daily deluge of plastic waste. Liz also explores ways in which the biggest environmental disaster of our time might be averted and whether science can offer a solution. From the engineers developing alternatives to plastic to teams of experts who are developing innovative ways of cleaning our seas, could our seas be stopped from drowning plastic? Liz Bonnin is determined to find out…

Title: Drowning in Plastic

Genre: Documentaries

Episodes & Duration:  1×90’

Format: HD

Year of Production: 2018

Distributor: all3media international