October 28, 2019
Ramadan In The Islamic World
October 28, 2019


Name: Lantern Tales

Duration: 30 X 15’

Year of Production: 2019 – 2020

Language: Arabic / English

Genre: Animation

Distributor: Babyclay – Kingdom of Bahrain


(By the lantern lights, Arabs across different ages, telling their children these wonderful tales, tales that founded the groundwork of their history, and inspired the youth to build their future).

The series tells stories that are rooted from tales of Arabian heritage and wisdom during different eras in an enticing dramatic context. It also sheds light on Arab figures that impacted the course of Arab history, along with the Arab renaissance and western influences. It focuses on the development of core Arab values that are inherit in its people, such as generosity, sincerity, trust, courage, while focusing on the importance of being keen and implementing proper management. It invigorates the sense of Arab identity and how far the extent of this identity’s influence is on Western cultures. It also affirms the dignity and morality which Arabs are known for from the days that predate Islam, up to, and after its emergence.