The Dead Lake
July 3, 2019
The Confectioner
July 3, 2019

Our stories are about ordinary people, who faced miracles in their lives. These stories drastically changed them forever. And also made them believe that even when the patience, power and human capacity are over, you just need to wait for the final resource: a miracle.
There are miracle resources in each of us. If only to remember the stories about mothers, who lifted concrete bays that pressed their children down. What is that? Where this super power comes from? Everyone can answer this question individually, and as for our format it just shows to the audience that every person, even an ordinary one, influenced by the circumstances, can become a miracle worker. It`s important to know that we are not that simple-minded which we often seem to ourselves, indeed.

Distributor: GPM ETV
Genre: Documentary
Episodes & Duration: 20 x 24’
Format: HD
Year of Production: 2019