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October 20, 2019
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October 20, 2019


Title:  Paper Dream

Genre: Drama

Episodes: 24

Format: 4K


Groundbreaking TV drama from Armenia, telling the story of a ten-year-old boy who managed to fight the disastrous consequences of earthquake remaining more than 30 years and got from suburbs to Silicon Valley. Paper Dream demonstrated extraordinary success in the Armenian market.

After the devastating earthquake of 1988, ten-year-old Hayk lives in extreme poverty in the poorest suburb of a town with his single mother, who does laundry for other people to earn living.  Being one of the best students in the class Hayk dreams of getting ‎good education, making his mam’s life easier and changing their life forever. Trying to protect her son, Hayk’s mother asks the neighbor coffin-maker to make Hayk his assistant.  However, Hayk’s life changes fundamentally after he wins the biggest National Mathematical Olympiad.

In the further developments the TV drama tells about Hayk’s adulthood filled with challenges and victories.

Distributor: Shant