Miracle Tunes
October 28, 2019
Riah Al-Samum
October 28, 2019

Title: Running Man

Genre: Animation

Episodes & duration:  96 x 11’

Year of production: 2018

Synopsis: Tree City’s main stadium where the 100th Runningman competition is held. 7 final Runnning men start running with the announcement of the first game as soon as they arrive in Treecity. Running men have their own stories and expectation from their own tribe. They go through vigorous competition of individual games where alliances are formed and broken repeatedly, and of team games that require temawork. In the battle against their mysterious competitors called Devils, they running men were driven to the corner by their outstanding power. On the other hand, Charming Gold from Peacock tribe is closely observing running men’s attempt. He has the ultimate authority as the organizer of this competition, and it seems like he’s up to something. A series of incidents around running men and an enormous tree roots where the underground lab is connected. It seems like everything is linked to it. Moreover, something happens to LINE tree right before the very last game, and it drives “Runningman” competition into a different state..

Distributor: SHOWLAB