October 28, 2019
Something From The Past
October 28, 2019



Title: Saber- Al-Athoub

Genre: Drama

Year of Production: 2019

Duration: 30 x 40’

Synopsis: A Bedouin drama about passion, patience and sacrifice; so when the fate enjoins and drives the steps of lovers in two parallel routes, patience would be their mount towards happy ending, ALOTHOOB loved her knight, and cousin FAZZAZ, son of the Sheikh NAWWAF but she was abducted on her wedding day due to her renowned beauty among the Bedouins, where she is loved by TARSHOUQ, the old sheikh, who heard about her beauty from the poet IBN WASIF, and, hoped to beget a son from her to succeed him to the sheikhdom, which he extorted from his bother NIMER and thus deprived his brother’s son “SABER” from it… TARSHOUQ kidnapped SABER’s mother and hide her and bargain on her by abducting ALOTHOOB if he wanted to see his mother alive, thus, SABER departed reluctantly with the company of ZONOOD, who was promised by TARSHOOUQ to marry him off his daughter MASARRA, however, SABER and ZONOOD could abduct ALOTHOOB, and TARSHOUQ got rid of SABER through killing KHEILAN and fabricated the charge against SABER who became chased by the cousins of KHEILAN… on the other hand, TARSHOUQ sends his agents AL-JARADEEN headed by ZONOOD & WAQQAD to invade NAWWAF’s tribe and rob them altogether, so, ZONOOD stole the jewelry of  sheikh NAWWAF’s wife and brought it back to TARSHOUQ… TARSHOUQ haunted the tribes and ravaged the desert with his agents AL-JARADEEN and circulated among the tribes that SABER the leader of JRADEEN is who doing that against them thereby SABER became the fugitive and object of tribes …

Distributor: IH Production House