September 29, 2019
October 20, 2019

Title: Secrets

Genre: Drama

Episodes & Duration: 95 x 45’

Year of production: 2019

Distributor: Media Group Ukraine


Katya Hryschuk and Mykola von Brussoff have known each other since they were kids. Mykola’s family moved to a small city called Stanov, where Katya lived with her father. While their parents tried repairing their relationship, the kids spend the most of time together. The boy and the girl first became best friends and then fell in love with each other, unconditionally and purely as all children do. However, a terrible tragedy had separated couple: Katya’s father went missing under mysterious circumstances, and Mykola’s mother was found dead. The father of the boy was accused of murdering his wife and went to prison, and Mykola went to live with the grandmother. Katya’s uncle and aunt sent her to an orphanage. Many years later Mykola, who is now a police detective, comes back to Stanov to make own investigation to find out who is the true murderer of his mother and punish him. Katya, who grew up in an adoptive family, returns to her hometown too. Now she is responsible for her own family as she is the only one hope for three adopted orphans. For the sake of the kids, despite the grudge she bears, she renews relations with her Uncle Ivan’s family. Ivan is now an owner of the von Brussoff mansion, which he turned into a hotel called «Marshal». Ivan Hryshcuk is an influential businessperson and the richest person in Stanov. Katya and her children settle in the attic of the house. Meanwhile, Mykola, an arriving at the town books a room at «Marshal» under a fake name. He plans to win the trust of Ivan, who he believes is the murderer and find proofs against him. Eventually, Katya and Mykola meet and fall in love again. However, there is a new chasm between them, and this time it is not distance but a secret… lots of secrets! Mykola’s investigation triggers a long line of unexpected revelations. Would Katya will forgive lies of who she loves?

Would Mykola will stay with the woman whose mother killed his mother? What secret will win?

The acts during 95 episodes will show what will win – the family secret that made the Von Brussoff and Grischuk families’ enemies, or love.