July 3, 2019
The Pets
July 3, 2019

The successful and famous chef Renat Agzamov bakes the most expensive, non-standard and huge cakes in the country. He is a welcome guest at all weddings and birthdays. Renat has his own factory and the production increases every day. He has no enough time for the family and Renat makes the decision to find an assistant for himself. Having conducted casting, we’ve selected 4 persons, who should for 6 episodes (two persons in the first six episodes and two persons in the second six episodes) prove to Renat who the most worthy assistant is. We have a Patient Master. It’s time for the Impatient Confectioner!

Distributor: GPM ETV
Video: https://youtu.be/vRg0skw-22Q
Genre: Programs, Reality
Episodes & Duration: 38 x 48’
Format: HD
Year of Production: 2017