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June 24, 2019
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July 3, 2019

On one of the islands of Eritrea, Elephants were celebrating the birth of “Shadphent”, the king’s son whose obesity seems to lead for many problems.
Meanwhile, the savage hunters are seeking to enter the land of Ivory “the elephant home” and hunt the huge animals to be sold to the king of Yemen “Abraha”. This attack causes “Shadphent” and his friends to be captured, as it causes the death of his father.
The exciting events of the film reflect a coherent dramatic plot based on the heritage of the Arab countries and the Red Sea, where “Shadphent” meets new friends: a little girl, “Maryam” and q reckless mouse, “Farfour”. 
“Shadphent”’s good traits become more obvious as the film’s events go on, as he becomes stronger.
What shall he do? Use his strength to be the elephants’ king or shall he help his friends and give up on his dream?

Title: The Elephant King
Genre: Animation
Episodes & Duration:  78’


Distributor: Meem Cultural Productions